1. Just like China but with true Democracy. Sound Familiar?

2. Outsourcing education to India is for real. Their 7th graders are as smart as American 10th graders!

3. Hollywood moving to india. Yes. Have you seen the movie Borat? Well here is one thing you did not know.

4. The Other side of Outsourcing. TRULY the Best in depth video.

5. Hilarious Video showing funny and true side of outsourcing to India.

6.India's rise will forever change the world. Be ready.
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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

1. Tallest Building In the WORLD!

2. Dubailand- Twice the size of Disney World and comes with a Las Vegas twist!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

3. Never too cold for you either. You can ski there too!

4. A Man Made World in the ocean. Crazy!

5. Special toys any adult can drive while in Dubai.

6. Largest Shopping Mall in the World! Don't let your wives know.

7. A 65 story rotating Skyscraper. Enouph said.

8. Underwater Hotel. What Else is possible!

9. America Wake UP! Dubai is here to stay since Oil now only 5% of country revenue!

10. I like the new fancy Airport serving the new Airbus Jumbo Airplanes!

11. Halliburton is moving headquarters to Dubai from Houston. Wow.

China "The Awaken Dragon"

1. How the sleeping dragon awoke to shake the entire world.

2. Reality is sometimes what we don't want to hear

3. The same culture with a massive twist.

4. More Money = Better Army

5. What the army means to china.............PARADISE

6. The New Best Friend for the NBA and NIKE. BASKETBALL

7. The place where NBA players come to thank fans! Kevin Garnett

8. China and their new 268 mph maglev trains! I would that train anyday over my car.

9. China's new chokehold on the USA! It involves USA dollars and its debt.

10. Heck if Warren Buffett is investing in China then I am a believer. Case Closed.