Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

1. Tallest Building In the WORLD!

2. Dubailand- Twice the size of Disney World and comes with a Las Vegas twist!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

3. Never too cold for you either. You can ski there too!

4. A Man Made World in the ocean. Crazy!

5. Special toys any adult can drive while in Dubai.

6. Largest Shopping Mall in the World! Don't let your wives know.

7. A 65 story rotating Skyscraper. Enouph said.

8. Underwater Hotel. What Else is possible!

9. America Wake UP! Dubai is here to stay since Oil now only 5% of country revenue!

10. I like the new fancy Airport serving the new Airbus Jumbo Airplanes!

11. Halliburton is moving headquarters to Dubai from Houston. Wow.

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